Silverspoon International College Interior Design

Silverspoon International College, school of chef, hospitality, F&B and culinary art.
Interior design and concept of demo kitchen and cafe.

Silverspoon International College is now officially opened in Puchong. Check SSIC facebook fan page

"I want to express the cooking aroma in the atmosphere but not too literal."

I want to express the cooking aroma but not too literal. Chandelier looks grand, and it affects people behavior in space. Silverspoon International College is a school of chef, hospitality and professional training as well as culinary art. V-shape cabinet wall serves to break the conventional cabinet setting, inspires the younger generation to be creative with the way things arrange on cabinet, bottle, books, flowers, fruits and so on.

Ruby red looks cozy and grand. Perforated ceiling provides unexpected settings both transparent and reflective while floor patterns are creating dialogue with it, and they are continued by mirror setting.