Concept, Context, Content (design method)

Concept, context, and content are 3 subjects which highly related to architecture.

Concept being known as a general notion, abstract idea. 

Content being known as subject matters, mental object, something happens.

Context being known as interpretations or circumstances that surround a situation or event. It can be historical, geographical(include climate as well), cultural, political, can economical.

In the study of relation, 3 kinds of situations found:-

1. Complementary

2. Coexist but do not interact

3. Conflict

Concept, context, and content may as well relate to each other in such a manner.

There are 2 ways of designing:-

1. Conceptualizing context

In this case, context, genius loci, for instance, become ideas and driving force for the development of a design. The concept then becomes a new context or as part of the existing context.

2. Contextualizing concept

Ideas are generated based not on context but then adapted into the context.