On Perceiving Light as One of The Concept of Space and Time

    Anything that exists in human's mind of conception has itself its own distinct characteristic. When light comes into being as an entity, it draws itself and human together with a strong relationship in a form of meaning as it appears as an everyday concrete phenomena, whether it is presented in a mode of color, guide, pattern, rhythm, texture or ambience through the process of either reflection, refraction, diffusion, silhouette, absorb and release, or the combination of more than one process to give the outcome as a delight, pleasure, emotion, healing or sum of them.

In architecture, the ideas of building which allow the presence of light give the space itself dimensions allowing people to participate in their daily activities, it then continues to change according to the course of sun and moon which in terms, giving people the idea of time or occasion. During the daytime, it is a space which lit up the life being and at night the space is transformed into a space which is tangible and enlightening.

On perceiving light