Shanghai 2010, The Everyday Concrete Reality

Waiting space, LCCT
Cozy Ambience
The living wall
Transition, floor and ceiling
Mass and scale
Sun's coming out, lights going out
Clock tower at The Bund
Nanjing pedestrian street
Life between building in rainy day
Patrol car
Meter'sbonwe at the corner
Night window shopping
Rhythm, 353
Night life between buildings

Lights and proportion
 24°, summer
A facade of shops
Public space and facade shopping

Transition link
City light, The Bund
Participating night river walk
The edge, The Bund Shanghai

Lights and pedestrian
Between man-made and nature

People enjoying city spaces
Lighting phenomena resulted from material's reflection

Lighting the building 1
Lighting the building 2
Touch and tectile
Under Construction

Them, Shanghai Financial Center and Jing Mao Commercial Center
Shanghai Ming Zhu Tower
Street above the street
Outdoor escalator 1
Outdoor escalator 2
Above the ground, away from the cars
Rhythm and geometry
Jing Mao Tower
Shanghai Financial Center aka The Blade
Texts on the glass
Residential building typology 1
The Blade
People and skyscraper
Subtraction at the corner
Small space looking through bigger space 1
Fibre decking
Continuum of perspectives lines
Color in the glass
Water wall
Vision up to the blade 
 Reflection on floor grids
Building upward
Pedestrian and landmark
 Organic shape facade

Equal but different
Three kind
Stand out 
Residential building typology 2
Residential building typology 3
Inhabiting the street
Residential building typology 4
Facade behind the fence
Building outline
A street of dormitory
Road sign
 2 dimension 3 dimension

Residential building typology 5
Cable-stayed bridge

Playing on the lotus
 Queuing space under the structure
Republic of Korea pavilion 1
Republic of Korea pavilion 2
Republic of Korea pavilion 3
Republic of Korea pavilion 4
Republic of Korea pavilion 5
Republic of Korea pavilion 6
Republic of Korea pavilion 7
Republic of Korea pavilion 7
Republic of Korea pavilion 8
Republic of Korea pavilion 9


 India Pavilion
 Directions and information
Recycle bin
 Axis pedestrian bridge
 Thailand pavilion
 Moving around China Pavilion

Public toilet, public space

Israel pavilion 1. Reciprocal revolve

Israel pavilion 2. Bulky

Israel pavilion 3. Bulky

Israel pavilion 4. Sense of touch

Israel pavilion 5. Texture

Israel pavilion 6. Elementary juxtaposition


Taiwan pavilion 1
Taiwan pavilion 2. Inner beauty
 Taiwan pavilion 3

Taiwan pavilion 4

Taiwan pavilion 5. Mirror

Taiwan pavilion 6. Fragment

Skylight design

Expo and life
Life and Expo

Staggered quality
Germany pavilion 1. Fragmentary displacement
Germany pavilion 2. Unexpected source of inquiry

Denmark Pavilion 1
 Denmark Pavilion 2
Denmark Pavilion 3. Entering Denmark pavilion, rhythmic space
Denmark Pavilion 4. Beginning of circulation

 Feeling the texture
 Tectonic joints

Displacement, cut and slice
Transparency at the corner

Denmark pavilion 5. Twirling stars

 Book shelves
Agentina pavilion 2. Arrow in the lines
Brasil pavilion 1.
USA pavilion
Brasil pavilion 2. Hidden spirit
Mexico pavilion. Culture
Mexico pavilion 2
Mexico pavilion 3. Flying kites
Mexico pavilion 4. Colors in the sky
Chile pavilion 1
Chile pavilion 2
Urban fountain
The timber strip decking
Outdoor communal sitting area
Sound of water dripping
White butterfly
Smooth threshold
Massive construction plant
Mixed use
Smooth edges

Window design
The sun and the fruit juice stall
Symbol. Subway
Life between buildings
Crossing the road
I 'beam'
 Prefab dormitory for construction workers
 Double layered
Take a walk
Bamboo in the middle
Leaf shape
Life underneath the skyscraper
The destination
Spaces in space. McDonald
Night life between the buildings
Color 2
Equal but different
Barbie shop 1
Barbie shop 2. The ever-changing
Barbie shop 3
Pedestrian below and the facade
Smooth threshold 2. Forward
Low ceiling ambience

Twirling barbies
Sky, grass and her world
Curvy lines
 Under the cloud
You can't catch me
People moving around the space
 Another world
Run way
In the barbie world
Move, see, experience
 Experiencing barbie world
A street of lights
Visual landmark
Urban space
Blue, red, white, point, line and shapes
Flying through
Outward in
'Y' flow
Two arms
 Map on the bridge
Underneath 1
Underneath 2
People and the no.1 food
 Heading to cities landmark
Thailand pavilion 1. Ground color and the form

Thailand pavilion 2
Singapore pavilion 1. Aka music box
Malaysia pavilion 1
Malaysia pavilion 2. The performance
Singapore pavilion 2. Symphony of life
 Indonesia pavilion 1.
Indonesia pavilion 2. Bamboo king
New Zealand pavilion. Fold
Malaysian pavilion 3
New Zealand pavilion 2. Ordered chaos
New Zealand pavilion 4. Parallel
New Zealand pavilion 5. Curiosity

New Zealand pavilion 6. Grass
New Zealand pavilion 7. Continuum of social fabric
Indonesia pavilion 3
Indonesia pavilion 4. King of guadua
Rhythm of geometry
Malaysia pavilion 5
Singapore pavilion 3. City skyline facade and water
Translucent transition

Arch cable-stayed bridge

Spain pavilion 1
Spain pavilion 2. Texture
Spain pavilion 3. Twirling skin
Spain pavilion 4. Twist
Spain pavilion 5

Germany pavilion 3. Fragmentary form
Germany pavilion 4
Germany pavilion 5. Form, space, tectonic
Germany pavilion 6. Filtering skin
Germany pavilion 7. Translucent quality
Germany pavilion 8. Relation
Germany pavilion. Scale and juxtaposition
Sweden pavilion 1. City grid facade
Sweden pavilion 2. Dislocation as entrance
Skin or without
Denmark pavilion 6. Twist and span
Denmark pavilion 7. Function follows form
Denmark pavilion 8
Denmark pavilion 9. Tranquility
Denmark pavilion 10. Spatial perception
Denmark pavilion 11. The bike and the pavilion
Denmark pavilion 12

Denmark pavilion 13
Denmark pavilion 14
Denmark pavilion 15. Roof top
Denmark pavilion 16. Participating the twist
Denmark pavilion 17.  Up and down
Denmark pavilion 18. "Hey"

Denmark pavilion 19. "Surprise"
Denmark pavilion 20. In and out
Denmark pavilion 21. "Oops"

Denmark pavilion 22. "Gotcha"

Denmark pavilion 23. Flow
Denmark pavilion 24
Denmark pavilion 25
Denmark pavilion 26. Circulation
Denmark pavilion 27. Looking through the perforated wall
Denmark pavilion 28
Portugal pavilion
Communal eating space and space defying elements
United Kingdom pavilion 1. Experiencing the undulating space
United Kingdom pavilion 2. Continuum of seeds
United Kingdom pavilion 3. Trapped seed
United Kingdom pavilion. Equal but different
United Kingdom pavilion 5. Envelop
United Kingdom pavilion 6
United Kingdom pavilion 7
United Kingdom pavilion 8. Experiencing
United Kingdom pavilion 9
United Kingdom pavilion 10
United Kingdom pavilion 11. The plant that eats itself
United Kingdom pavilion 12
United Kingdom pavilion 13
United Kingdom pavilion 14. The uncanny source of wonder
United Kingdom pavilion 15
United Kingdom pavilion 16
United Kingdom pavilion 17. The uncanny source of wonder 2
An apple cut halved

Density in the expo shutter bus
China pavilion 1. Beams detail
China pavilion 2
Life participated on the facade

Experiencing old street

Xiao Shan train terminal
Reflection phenomena
People under the diffused sunlight
Cut and slice glass and perforated metal

Solid void

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