Balcony Studies

Studies on the balcony of low cost, multi-leveled housing in Johor, Malaysia.

    A balcony is an extruded horizontal surface projected from the wall of a building from the upper level and supported by structures.
In a tropical climate, it is usually shaded with overhang, roof structure or another balcony ahead. The balcony is an intermediate space between inside and outside of the building. It gives a man a way of a dwelling by relating outside to the inside of a building by providing the in-between space. In the process of dwelling, people complement the spaces base on their need by adding bonsais and flowers, putting grills of different pattern and colors for the safety of children and security, covering the opened areas with aluminum and glass panels for privacy purposes. As one experience the space of balcony, he is partly inside, and partly outside of the building. It is an important architectural element which provides natural surveillance for inhabitant towards streets and spaces on the ground level. Personalization on balcony marks a sign of ownership of inhabitants. People use to dry their clothes by hanging them at the balcony because it is a space which would receive a great amount of sunlight and daylight everyday.