Thean Hou Gong

Feeling the atmosphere of Chinese New Year celebration in Thean Hou Gong, Kuala Lumpur.

Thean Hou Gong is built back in 1987, with 1.67 acres (6,760 m²) of land atop Robson Heights along Lorong Bellamy, overlooking Jalan Syed Putra (Federal Highway) by Hainanese community who lives in Kuala Lumpur. It is a place for worshiping and now one of the spots for tourism. During the period of Chinese New Year, the place is crowded with people. The architectural elements such as the huge red columns which define a corridor way would direct people to walk along it while the central courtyard is a space to halt. There are a few pavilion with a slightly raised floor for people to rest in between the transitions. Worshiping is usually taken place inside of the temple. The ornaments, lighting, colors on most of the architectural elements are symbolic and syncretic, while the crowd and atmosphere around the place make it ever vibrant especially during night time.