Relativity. On Generating Concept

Everything is related. A tiny piece leaf is associated with a tree, and we can tell a book is made out of papers from tree. Even Einstein said that human would have no more than four hours to live if all the bees in the world were disappeared. The idea of sex, say male would not exists without the idea of female and vise versa. From that, we see how sequacious the idea of one thing having significant influence on the others even they are seemingly unrelated to each other due to our preconceived mind. What an individual does is influencing the others whether witting or unwittingly. The entire idea of part and whole is all about achieving order and to be at peace. So how we see things? Analogy is everywhere. The idea before generating concept, in principle is that anything can be a generator of concept and concept can be generated everywhere, as everything is connected and can be connected. The innovative ideas often seek to collaborate the unseen, a connected isolation. Only that we connect the logics in the sense that there is no contradiction within the circumstances. And what matter the most is that the reason behind the connection. Why should they be connected?