Two dimensions of sign. Signifies and Signified

In architecture there are always these two dimensions which connect the material world and people, one which signifies, and one which is signified. It evolves two level of dimensions, symbolic and semantic. Symbolic being the sign, form, the entire concrete material of perceiving that signifies and convey message to the world. While semantic evolves meaning of a form or one which is signified and gives meaning to the world. In two dimensions of sign in architecture, it is always questions of "What" kind of form being used,  and "What" meaning does it convey and "How" does it work. In order to draw relation between the two dimensions, kind of form need to be justified, and how can culture of particular group being studied? For instance the use of symbol of an arrow as an indication of direction which requires understanding of the development of individual culture instead of an assumption of homogenized universe cultural conception. Meaning to be convey is often decided by designer in achieving an objective, it  is a form of idea. By knowing meaning of sign and symbol for particular individual, meaning that to be conveyed can be done and relation between the two dimension is established.