The Responsibility of the Designer

This writing concerned about the responsibility of being an artist, as well as a designer who sees space or environment as a dimension which affects social circumstances. Interestingly someone said that if all bugs died today, in fifty years, the world will end. If all humans died today, in fifty years, the world will flourish. The architecture and design industry was dirty, with too much power in the hand of the selfish with no regards to humanity. 

One day there was a designer came out from a school of architecture and decided to go to practice to give hand on a residential project. The school inspires him to do a good design with respect to all aspects in terms of the physical and social environment, until one time, a preconceived ideas came from a project client, wanting hundreds of terrace houses in a plot of land for his investment in the first place, the designer was stunted. Housing units are rather small according to client's brief and it is impossible to give good quality of living to the user of terrace houses as some of the room has no window which directly connected to the outdoor environment. The designer was totally upset and he began to think to quit the job. And suddenly he was shocked, realizing that if he quits, the job may be taken over by a layman or one who does not sees the problem, because he was the one who sees the context better than anyone and seeks design problem in the project.

An artist sees context well and better than anybody, and the designer is the one who builds context. It is sometime not fun to know, because one would need to be responsible for knowing, especially in design. If one who knows decided to run away, someone would take over either, and things might become worse. World keeps changing, even with one who does not intent to change it. And sadly there is only a feel choice left for the designer, it is either for him to comply, or to try to improve the project as a role of his profession, rather than letting it to be taken over by someone else who might eventually ruined it consciously or unconsciously.