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Young Architect Idea Sketch Competition 2011 held by PAM.

Brief called for a sketch idea of a 'first house' with economic and environment as major considerations. The language of a house starts from private and public. Public place may literary indicating the juxtapositions and sum of the spaces that the private building does not occupied. In this case, an idea of a house of interlocking volumes of different ceiling enclosures caters for different social circumstances and it is partially sunken into the ground with a private courtyard and devices such as ventilation shafts, light wells to gives an idea of a home where it captures essence of the nature of social life, the needs of spatial propensity and to be away from generic spaces for different activities to take place and essence of a physical environment such as wind and daylight. All the above including an idea of a home will not be achieved if relations between human individuals are not considered, and they simply have to be at peace, one party agrees to another with mutual compliment. The entire profile of a private social circumstances has turned into the public fabric. One ground of a house has generated a new ground for public life, it signifies the public realm with its undulating contour formed by house underneath to cater for user creative use of the surface associating with the tangible grass surface and wet pour rubber safety surface that becomes a play ground of children with recycled water element. The private social life has reflected the complexity and variety in form of a house and it becomes a new ground of art for the public just like a landscape  viewed in one piece, a new whole that is valued at all time.