Amphawa Floating Market,  Samut Songkram, Thailand
(filed under Spirit of Place)

Amphawa floating market is a place of local food, leisure, shopping and it is a commercial ground for the local which fills with local product like clothes, bags, art work, food and so on. The way of experiencing the market is a unique one when one get to walk on timber strip decking along the river with local people selling food and goods both on the water and on the boat. The narrow walkway which fills with different shops, restaurant and cafe makes the environment ever crowded with people and it encourages one to stop by due to the dense traffic. Not to mention the overlay of the smell of local food such as the grilled seafood, coffee and the noise of the trades which makes the market ever-lively. The way one positions himself in Amphawa floating market along the body of water by leisure shopping, walking, eating and stopping by with the overlay of all these dimensions makes Amphawa floating market a dynamic place which foster local and tourist visit and revisit. (more photo after the break)