The Material World
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The first ever sense of tangibility of mine came when thinking is established in between the mind and the grayish white color marble flooring, cool, and the reflective effect on its surface gradually increases towards area that is close to the steel sliding grille door, framing one minor road in front of a porch which segmented row houses into two sides. The five-meter width road filled with gravels made foot-walking sounded by every single step while landscape being, mainly the personalization of houses, mountains framed by the houses, the caves, and this place is called Sri Gombak, Selangor. The scenery observed is ever beautiful with conjuncture to sound of chit-chatting between neighbors of multi-racial and the singing birds on a window sill and electric cables. Not far away from the house, there is a primary school, 

From a broader context, sense of place is perceived when the experience of socio-economy of a particular place is grabbed by going to the daytime market in the morning which is surrounded by rows of double-stories shop-lots and the atmosphere in the restaurant which is crowded and permeable. The region which is resulted in a form of urban sprawl made it less congested and perhaps quiet. Sports facilities are accessed within a walking distance of 500 meters. Almost no one walking on the street makes the place rather quiet. During the night, it becomes vibrant by the night market which connects a few places together with rows of merchandise, food stalls and so on.

There was a time in 1994 where the road filled with aggregates is substituted into tar, which made travel by automobile easier. Since the way of experiencing the entire suburb changed by the increasing use of the automobile and longer distance travel to obtain much better service of shopping and goods in the mall like Giant. A conventional method of buying food and goods from the market and grocery stall has shifted where a larger group of shopping community if formed since the introduction of a shopping mall in the suburb.

Currently, the increasing local density which is reinforced by the new mass housing development makes traffic congestion every day. The execution of asphalt road has connected two nodes together, but at the same time separated the land into two sides.