Jiufen, a Story Behind the Architecture Detail
filed under spirit of place.

Imagine in a period of time where human existential foothold meets with topographical surface, geographical characteristic, climatic context and demographic content, lies a little story behind the architecture detail, life started to take interesting forms in construction. Jiufen, Taiwan, has the kind of spirit of place where one finds himself resolves around relative location in space, when he get to access the high ground from the lower one, when light construction touches the mountainous ground softly, sound of culture from the crowd that emerges from the narrow, and ascending concrete steps filled with merchandises and eatery in the night. The possibility of inhibiting such difficult topography with a diverse kind of modest structures and activities is always a meaningful source of inspiration to move one, just like a great piece of painting of cultural landscape which tells the story of space, time and being,  ever soul pleasing.