Menara Mesiniaga - The Bioclimatic Way of Skyscraper
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Menara Mesiniaga by Architect Ken Yeang is one of the highrise office building in the form of bioclimatic manifestation. The design process evolves utilization of local sun path throughout the whole year together with complex integration of structure and cylinder building form, the cylindrical tower form was being designed in such a way that on most of the surface of north and south facade, full height curtain walls are used to allow penetration of natural daylight into workspaces while east and west facade are filled with sun screens. The radial composition is in a staggered form that seemingly rotating as it rises upward. The idea allows roof part of each staggered form to be opened up to terrace with vegetation that would be buffer that reduces direct solar heat gain of the building. The seemingly fragmented and compositional aesthetic is a result from the local climate, specifically the local sun path.