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Malaysian "Wounds of War" Memorial

Brief called for and idea of memorial for Malaysian - japanese occupation period that:-

i) A monument for all Malaysian in remembrance of Japanese occupation period

ii) Honoring the warrior during the period of war

iii) Give awareness of anti-war and to promote world peace

The idea of memorial renders neither an object, nor an event, but an emotion during Japanese occupation period of war. An emotion involves a sum of the historical event, historical icon, warrior, spirit,  and value.

"Wounds of War" memorial is configured into 2 main levels, the ground, and the above ground level. Interpreted from the representational meaning of colors in the Malaysian national flag, the formal composition is translated into braveness (red) and unity (blue) that form supports for visitors. From ground experiential level, one goes through a forest of concrete needles that simulate the situation of danger. Out of the formal composition that gives effect to one that walks through the memorial, one can pay remembrance to warrior during the period of war by encountering of the indication and name list of warrior engraved underneath the red and blue planes.