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Sculptology: Angsana Aesthetics (BARRA Monument at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman - Open Ideas Sculptural Competition)

The brief called for monument ideas at Jalan TAR in front of SOGO with an area of 6sqm, not higher than 3m that serve two purposes:-

1. To reminisce history of Jalan TAR formally known as Batu Road, it was originally a path leading to the Batu village where mining activities took place. By the 1930s, the swamps, rice fields and coconut estates around Batu Road were replaced by commercial development which created one of the town's busiest streets.

2. To commemorate father of country Tuanku Abdul Rahman, 
we took a step ahead and challenge the brief, out of what they want, here is what we concern:-

In bringing together the followings, 

i) History of the silk road

ii) Historical foliage

iii) Event from the past, now and then

iv) Character Tuanku Abdul Rahman

v) Soul, Sense of place, Atmosphere of local place

vi) Period of time

vii) Main entrance statement and directory

viii) Angsana rain tree conservation awareness (tree species brought to Malaysia during British colonial period)
Biological-sculpture is created in a form of marriage between sculpture and Angsana tree.

It takes a decade to build a city, it takes a decade to grow a rain tree.

It takes a decade to embed history, it takes a decade to cultivate a good tree.
To give to the future generation, TAR had spent decades in contributing.
It takes a decade to grow a rain tree so that the rest of future generation can enjoy the local atmosphere under the canopy.

Spirit of Tuanku Abdul Rahman is interpreted into the growth of an Angsana, manifested in a form of space-time relativity, and then into the built environment. The art of conceiving growth of the Angsana has a concept of time, projecting one into imaginary future of anticipation, back and forth, informing the past and history of it.   In the period of 1-10 years, people may anticipate future from the baby the Angsana tree. In the period after 10 years, people may reminisce the past under the big and historical Angsana canopy.