Make Progress 

If we look at our entire spectrum of life in day by day basis, our daily progress is usually small. We probably find ourselves doing the same thing again and again and again. 

From waking up from sleep, go to work, eating, to sleeping. And then repeat. 

If we look at spectrum of life in year by year basis, we probably find ourselves different from us which is a year ago. If not, we probably want to be different in years to come. 

Looking from a year by year perspective make changes looks significant. Decade by decade means more. 

But when it comes down to what really make these changes, changes actually made day by day, hour by hour, second by second, millisecond by millisecond, moment by moment. Rome is not built in a single day. 

It turns out each moment that suppose to usually make significant changes in reality appears trivial, as it consists of fragment in millisecond in compared to a whole period of a year. 

To make changes, I start practicing the follows:- 

1. bit by bit 
2. 1 day 1 skill 

Like pixels in photograph, creation usually formed bit by bit. Any other effort does so too. We can constantly remind ourselves that even a seemingly trivial and slow task could be completed and make changes one day. 

Persist and slow down. Remind ourselves that no matter where we are, learning one skill per day means 365 skills per year. And that effect is pretty much self-explanatory. Even if you really can't, try learning a Window or Apple keyboard shortcut today. It makes you work faster.