My Mentor (Part I)

When I was in my first year of architecture studies, my studio master once told me and my schoolmates that he will not train us to become designer, instead, he is training us to become thinker.

" I will teach you the principle of aesthetic." 

I immediately look up meaning of aesthetics in university library and found this book - Aesthetics by Jerome Stolnitz (a very old, small, worn out book that is available in UTM Skudai library and Universiti Malaya library) which the forewords mention something like this: An intelligent person neither that he cares solely about fact nor truth but the reason behind. 

And my life-changing course begins.

The point of getting to meaning of aesthetics is not really about finding out what does it mean; rather, the journey of finding that leads me to endless pursuit of otherwise unknown knowledge and continuous insight.

I developed laddering research habit - Whenever I am confronted with topics that I do not know, the idea is to continuously delve into things until fundamental underlying truth is obtained.

The finding or research usually does not stop, until deadline hinders it from going into too deep.

So two main ideas of learning of the day:-
1. Find out what Aesthetics means 
2. Ladder research any topic, so the more you know, the more you think you don't know