TPH (toilet paper holder) Issue

Is having toilet paper holder still relevant today? 

We see it everyday, stainless steel thing with a lid on it, sometimes in ceramic finishes with a plastic rod in the middle. 

Drawn by architect and draughtsman on floor plan, some of the tph is positioned at the back of person sitting on the toilet bowl. It makes grabbing a toilet paper difficult having to turn one's body around. 

There are project and places where tph is not even provided. Toilet roll placed on toilet cistern or ledges. 

Most of the time we merely follow what has been continuously done at the past without questioning possibility.
It certainly do no harm to think the follows:-
  1. What if after all these time, what we are chasing for is actually false at the beginning? 
  2. Is there only one way to do this thing? It took human long enough to put wheels on luggage.
  3. Is it necessary?