Stay There

How I pick an Airbnb for my past trip to Vietnam?

There are many reasons to travel. It could be traveling for fun, to learn and experience, work matter and so on.

I make this case for traveling for fun, to learn and experience.

As much as the don'ts can determine the dos, here are the good 3 of what I did not do, or will not go for when selecting an Airbnb:

1. Universal design. Interior design of home that is similar everywhere in the world.

This means approach is rather globalized (copy things that work and apply else where) instead of technological (new way of doing things) and architectural (construction in relation with art, purpose, meaning and place). 

2. Relation with Outside. "Outside" here is relative. I do not pick one without the following conditions:

- window or opening that allows you to relate to the outside environment

- level of openness of the home, does it have access to roof top, balcony, garden, courtyard, a farm or a yard?

- if it is a totally confined space (no opening, or view out possible), does the interior design relate, manifest, gives you a sense of its outside environment, makes you appreciate the outside more? 

This is a bit tricky as a little research of the place that you wanted to visit is required. Starts with climate, culture, history, vegetation and people. 

3. Alienated design or place. Unless I want to journal and document alienated things and places, I try to avoid anything most of the local people will not experience. (Little research of where interesting locals live beforehand is required). A Disneyland inside Airbnb? No thanks.