In every creation, there are two sides of effect.

When tablet is created, it helps smart people work even smarter and faster, produce work much efficiently than before.

When high-speed railway system is created, it helps people with vision achieve their dream faster which is previously refrained by distance.

When computer is created, it helps solving complex problem and mathematical question that is unthinkable by human being.

There are two sides of everything.

A machine that eliminates effort, means user no longer need to put effort.

A computer that thinks? Means user of computer no longer have to think.

When things are smart, means user of things do not have to be smart.

Active and automatic everything, means passive user everywhere.

Process and result of creation often seen as mean and end relationship.

When process seen as an active mean, it is a tool in achieving something. Negligence of what a process can negatively affect would eventually leads to cost that a creation needs to pay.

Process, like result, is an end in itself. It is a continuous outcome that gives effect, capable of shaping behavior and make changes. 

Changes will take effect during process, not at the end of process - outcome.