Don't Add, Eliminate
Have you ever experience this - wanting to achieve a lot of things but ended up achieving nothing?

Wanted to design something that is so good in all aspects that ended up couldn't design one?

For example, I noticed that I could not get up from my bed at 4:30am and go to the gym for two consecutive days.

The problem with it? I have been trying to achieve too much. 

I tried to achieve too much in the daytime and I did not go to bed earlier to be able to wake up early in the next morning.

In life, we often trying very hard to achieve many things at the same time and we did not really pour enough energy to do one thing properly.

The same goes for design.

I believe perfection is often achieved NOT by us adding up more things, more feature to a design, but a condition when there is no longer anything else that can be taken away from the design.

I am able to read for a few hours at night when I eliminate going to the gym early in the morning. The same happened when I eliminate night-reading, I am able to hit the gym at 04:30 the next morning.

Eliminate something today.

When design, perhaps the thing that you need to eliminate will be this - trying to achieve perfection.

Eliminate one bad habit today. And you will be able to have time to do something that you love tomorrow.