Unfinished it?

Have you ever feel it this way? Saw an unfinished product, you stopped and stare at it, as it appears beautifully until it is completed as it is supposed to be, it became no longer beautiful.

I walked by a retail shop under renovation and saw a few workers laying bricks. Its interior is full of red bricks, cement, mortar and I thought it was beautiful.

After a week, the retail interior is completed and all the walls inside have been plastered and painted white. 

A strange idea came into my mind - the work during the process (exposed red bricks and mortar condition) is much nicer than the finished result (plastered and painted white walls interior).

It turned out that the completed interior is now an ugly space.

We like to cover things up, especially mistake. So that we don't get penalized or get punished.

It has been embedded in our blood since we were young. We are afraid of failure. Afraid of showing flaws in everything. 

We like to cover-up the process because it is not something that we are proud of. 

So we try to strive for perfection in the world where nothing is perfect. This has made the way we appear to become more important than the work in itself.

A process, when presented as a product is beautiful. It is poetic and has a quality to narrate. 

Perhaps, we shall not think of making a process to become a product, but to make a product that can always become a process of something in itself.