Unseen the Advertisement

What happens when everyone tries to tell everyone something at the same time? When everything is emphasized at the same time, nothing is emphasized. 

Soon, advertisement by creating impression will no longer work in spreading its information. 

We are loaded with information each day of our life. To be able to see a new thing in every day through the screen of our smartphone is not something difficult. And to be able to see something that we have already known repetitively is even easier!

It is hard to not know something every day of our life. Even if you decided to shut off all the media and information devices around you, you will still be bothering with information from your acquaintance.

As soon as too much information trying to tell anyone anything at all the time, people do not bother recalling anything that they have seen conscious or unconsciously.

And the more an advertisement tries to inform, the more people get skeptical about its content.

Soon enough, impression-making, broadcast, outdoor, internet advertising will not work and they will only immerse in the sea of information landscape and act as a backdrop as a whole for their audience.