When you need great idea the most

When do you need a great idea the most? 

You need a great idea when you have no funding at all, tight budget, high constraint design brief, or limited time for your project.

The concept is similar to the situation where you shouldn't be hurting yourself when you are already sad. You shouldn't consume unhealthy food when you have gained unhealthy weight. You are not suppose to do damage to things which are already in bad condition.

And when you have already lost motivation, go workout, read, create things instead of slacking, watch social media or do something that can bring further damage.

Non-profitable projects, public projects with tight funding, start-ups with no funding, these projects need great ideas. 

These projects essentially need more time than usual to work. As some of them are already in a bad position (no funding, resources and no attention given), a poor endeavor or treatment will make them even worse. 

If a well-funded project needs more effort, a project with an extremely tight budget and a high constraint requirement should be given MORE time, effort and idea.