Occupant Natural Ventilated Apartment

This proposal is presented to the public during Kuala Lumpur Architecture Festival KLAF 2018. View full presentation from links below.

Presentation in KLAF2018 - Part 1

Presentation in KLAF2018 - Part 2

Presentation Storyline

 designing a fully natural ventilated apartment prototype in Malaysia

 a concern on health and affordability

 in-line with KLAF2018, in search for the new mass housing prototype in Malaysia

  inline with KLAF2018 to solve housing crisis - affordability, potential, quality of mass housing

 defining "quality" of housing as - HEALTH

 Health in architecture - an aspect often overlooked in mass housing design

 typical air-conditioning system diagram - there is no fresh air intake form the air-conditioning unit into the house

 typical affordable mass housing scenario in Malaysia

 typical renovated mass housing interior - only appearance changed, the source of free energy - sunlight, natural daylight, wind, remain only from one side of the fenestration of the house

typical facade of affordable mass housing in Malaysia 

 the analogy of a pigeon hold living - fenestration is only at one side of the house

 consequences of a poorly ventilated mass housing to the user

 the scenario of a poorly ventilated apartment

 simple solution to allow air, negative ions into the house by having fenestration in the house

 considering clusters of apartment blocks as a microclimate, a bad air quality apartment could breed a bad microenvironment
 the macroclimate - a poor air quality apartment block could breed bacteria, flu and bad air from one site to another, and eventually the entire macroenvironment 
 airflow simulation for a house with only a small opening   
  airflow simulation for a house with only a big opening   

  airflow simulation for a house with a balcony, several options with variable forms and openings are simulated to observe airflow behavior and the relation between wind and wind pressure    

 airflow simulating condition with the house having both sides openings

 redefining affordability by not just looking at the cost during buying

  redefining affordability by not just looking at the cost during buying but criteria after buying a house - maintenance and running cost

 electricity bill of a 750sqft house: natural ventilated house without air-conditioning (left), house with full air-conditioning usage (right) 

 electricity bill in 3 years term, the difference could be a couple's down payment of their new house - affordability in terms of buying capability

 electricity in 10 years term, the difference could be a down payment of a new house for one's children 

rethinking affordability - before buying a house 

 not just reducing the selling price of mass housing, but to look at ideas in increasing buying capability of the people

 by looking into an architecture that can improve creativity and ability of the user

summarizing affordability the relation of good air quality environment and the way user sleep, work, live, and these have a direct and an indirect relationship with their house buying capabilities   

 designing a new mass housing prototype - consider a long box for potential cross ventilation
 designing a new mass housing prototype - the neighboring unit

  double loaded apartment config for affordability - corridor in between units 

   openings at two sides of both units

 terrace design at the lower level of the house that foster neighbor interaction 

 upper level structure that makes it a duplex
 neighbor upper level unit

 the config can be stacked in infinite times to suit to number of units that a project required

 can be added in elongated way to suit site condition

 eventually the whole composition of houses form a village with terrace 

 criteria when buying a house

 gym membership fee vs apartment service maintenance fee

 apartment gym facilities are often found not pleasing and proper in compared to paid membership gym 

 a proper swimming pool (above) and apartment pool design that is found too awkward, too cold to swim inside, and too odd in shape (below) 

 the often redundant and expensive apartment link bridge 

 the celebrity kitchen that is often not used in the apartment
 an affordable housing solution without apartment facilities

 when built in clustered, facility cost is a huge saving to build something better

such as a proper sports complex 

 in the absence of the facilities in apartment cluster, business prospect of gym and other sports facilities may comes in with an even attractive entry and membership fee
 prototype: the natural ventilated duplex form

  economical prototype: the delivery condition of a finished house that is initially built with less materials, less wall that allows cheaper construction cost

 able to be added with additive structure, walls a that makes it a 1, 2, and 3 bed apartment
an economical idea that allows house to be transformed along with the the ekistical growth of a family 

 an entire natural ventilated village that has rain screen that can be shut off when rain 

an entire natural ventilated village of terrace that has rain screen that can be opened up during sunny day