Instant Reward

Most people like an instant reward, instant gratification. They like to see instant results, immediate action, and reaction in everything that everyone does. 

As impatient as these people are, when design, what they commonly ask, sound like, how much does it cost now to build? What will it turn out to be immediately after being built? Who will buy it now? And the most recent one, will it get viral? Will it become famous instantly?

BUT a good design is more than a temptation that gives only instant gratification.

Good design is sustainable.

Instead of only asking what is immediately achieved, a design can be questioned in such a way - What can it build and be built through time? How much does it cost to maintain it through time? Can it change through time? What gives value to the person who bought it after a period of time? Will it get appreciated as something historically valuable? And not "How to make it famous now?". 

A timeless design that stands the test of time is good design. 

There are a few questions that can be added to a design process:

1.  The cataloging method -  What is documented? What can be documented through time? Does it have archive value?

2. What grows better with time? 

3. As time goes by, how will it change?

4. Does it have the ability to grow in an exponential manner through time?

We can easily spot things that are like a flash in the pan that tells you only a short-term goal instead of a long-term goal. Or both. An even simpler idea is to ask: Do you check the immediate reward in everything you do?