Project Locality - Bawang Merah Cafe

the first conceptual render of the interior ambiance design
the existing old foliage
the first render of facade design 
night facade render 
demolition work including knocking down walls and doors to create spatial connectivity
the reused heavy duty metal door with a reused handle as the first user tangible-experiential navigator  
the reused door in table form as the communicator of the concept of period of time
knocking down walls to make necessary spatial connectivity
the unveiling of foliage age and concept of time
cement and concrete patchwork left as it is as ineffaceable aesthetic
memory half made, the other half to be created
multi-layers of spaces in a different period of time
the past decade informed in the moment in spaces  
unveiling the true form of beauty - the old scrappy wall 
patchwork after demolition

the displacement of the vent block wall
cement render curing

concrete bar counter
wall scraping 
signage preparation work
metal box letter arrangement
the alignment of signage

form, space, light interplay
light source testing
neon signage preparation
installation of neon light
neon onion
neon and backlit
dismantling old roof
the columnless solution
column setting-out
extender tonge and grove
wood work 
antithetical roof support
pergola realization
permeable enclosure
bench wood work
the light container, open air outdoor spaces
existing facade
preserve and modification via metal work
neon light, daylight container
boundary blurring, partly inside, partly outside
the existing interior
paper architecture
eye balls on the wall
existing interior light source
unveiling the age of the building - the scrapy wall
positioning, ambiance setting-out
ambiance study
the ambiance starter