Do Things You Hate

It's time to make a decision. 

Should you only do things that you love or things that you hate?

None the above should matters until you DEFINE them.

Define: is what you love or hate doing beneficial or deteriorating or unknown

If you hate sitting in front of the computer but you know that it is eventually benefitting to get you to do what you love, you should do it or delegate it.

If you need to sit in front of the computer for long hours and you know that it is deteriorating your body, you need to figure out how to take a break in the interval and how to shorten the entire timeframe of needing to work in that way. 

If you hate to go for a run because you hate to be suffering but you know that it is beneficial to your body, you should do it and it cannot be delegated.    

If you love or hate yourself procrastinating in front of the computer and it has no benefit, eliminate it.  

Comfort, fear, not being able to suffer, not taking enough risk are often the reasons why we are not setting ourselves in achieving things that we wanted.   

It is OK to do things that you hate which is highly beneficial. Until you can DEFINE them, it is the key to deciding in between doing what you love and hate.

In between love and hate, there are things that are unknown that you cannot define whether it is good or bad. Since it is not known, why do you bother to do it anyway? Eliminate it.