The Danger of Knowing Too Much 

As soon as we think that we know more, we in fact do not know about exactly anything. 

Even if we know, it doesn't guarantee to help us to progress. 

Start a business, we thought that the things that we do will not be good enough. 

Design something new, we imagine that someone will be doing it better than us. 

Create something new, we imagine that there is already a better one out there. 

In reality, non of these are necessarily true. 

We can only start to do things to know the outcome. 

Knowing too much, we put impossibility and failure in front of us before we even begin to do something. 

Sometimes, the key to progress is to just do it. 

And leave the rest of the uncontrollable things out of our head. 

It's time to focus on what we concentrate doing without concerning about other thing too much.