We Are Our Environment

We are all product of our environment.

A much proper term should be that we are our environment

With much existential sense, not only that we are influenced by our environment, the way our being, how we act and behave contribute to the the construction of environment.

Our daily activities are highly shaped by our environment.

Architecture shapes how we access to place, space, light, shadow, air and matter. 

Indoor environment, outdoor environment, people, culture, they shape our accessibility to a place and the way we live.

Man are by native a creator who shape their own environment according to threat and prey.

We once arrange our environment according to tribe, climate, geography and topographical environment. 

Until today, we are still an environment creator, but we are never a good one. 

Our everyday motivation, energy level and urge to live may not be entirely depend on the place that we live, but it is one main factor for them.

If we are not able to create a good one, moving to a better place is one alternative. 

Never underestimate place, and the role of architecture in shaping the way we live. 
We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us. Winston Churchill had said it once and we better think it twice.