When We Focus On Nothing

We tend to focus on things that only happen. 

Our mind is shaped in such a way that it has no interest on nothing

Is nothing even exist? 

This is a philosophical question.

When we landed on an airport safely and Nothing happened to us, is nothing a thing that exist? 

Architecture and design have always been containers of rather what is not there, than what is already there.

When storm and rain hit, a house gives warmth.

A disaster relief camp seeks to create comfort out of the discomfort that is already there. 

When we landed on an airport safely, seldom we feel blessed thinking of our plane did not crash.

When we have food on our table, we rarely think that we survived hunger. 

When we are healthy, rarely we appreciate and note that we did not feel pain on our body.

It is always until we fall sick and feel pain, we put our attention on what is there. 

Absence is as important as presence. 

And today, if you are able to see what is not there instead of putting attention only on what exist, perhaps you will be happier.