Equal But Different

Unique does not imply inequality, just as equality does not mean sameness. 

The closer word for unique is different. 

People are equal but different

Assuming all the people are the same is like creating a one-size-fits-all system that simply does not work in reality. 

For instances, a teacher that teaches all 40 students in the classroom with the same method would fail to make all the students learn because the learning ability of each student is different. 

When the students eat the same meal provided by the school, the same portion of food given to all 40 of them simply do not satisfy all of them because each student is individually different of their preference over the choice of food, and the portion of food that they need are different. 

Equality is realizing people are individually different, needs to be treated differently according to their needs, ability, culture, belief, and needs to be respected equally of the right of humanity

In the building industry, mass housing deals with the case of human equality. 

The question: If people are individually different, how do we design an apartment that is equal but different for everyone? 

Example of the research and proposal of the architecture of mass housing with the principle of equal but different in mind: 

Architecture as Production from Culture 21st Century 

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