Beauty or Function?

When it comes to the term “function”, people assume that being beautifully good-looking is not a function. 

Let’s start with a sofa. 



I imagine that a good sofa for me is one that is ergonomically comfortable. 

I can sit on the sofa reading for a three-hour consecutive without feeling my neck or my back pain. 

I find that a low sofa without a headrest is often not suitable for my intended purpose, as I would feel that my neck strained over time sitting on it. 

From the pictures above:- 

The formal is one which is beautiful to my personal point of view, but fail to provide comfort when sitting for a long hour. 

The latter is to my opinion ugly, to be honest, but it provides me comfortable sitting experience with its headrest. 

The question of: Beauty or function? Should be much proper rephrased into: Beauty or intended function?