Can abstract art be taught?

I love abstract art. It bridges the world and its audiences with their imagination.

An abstract art speaks of its relationship between elements and the result from it is often nonsingular-object representative. 

I imagine that it would be harder to be taught than to be influenced and inspired. 

If one needs to influence his students into creating abstract art, I imagine these are the possible ways to do it:- 

1. Influence the way of thinking 

An interesting art often comes from a person with a different perspective who sees things in an interestingly unique way. 

Wassily Kandinsky in his Point and Line to Plane perceives a dot as a tiny circle that begins a line drawing, a circle as a bigger dot, and so on. (Read more on Objective art

2. Introduction to Philosophy 

A deep understanding of things and subjects like the part-whole relationship, relativity, being and time can develop another way of interpreting the world around us and translate it into the way of art. 

3. Creating art (small project) more often 

To think better is to do it more often. Practice more! 

Art does not only begins before a brush can hit the canvas but also when one starts to draw, and after drawing. 

Practice does not only train skills in making art but it also helps you to form ideas.