City Forest

Can we build a city in the forest?

This is interesting. As a city is usually built (in a wrong way) by clearing an entire forest on a piece of forest land other than on a dessert or a rock bedding site, the idea could be the reverse. 

In the same way, can we build a forest in a city

I imagine that it is possible to build a city in the forest in order for people to live closely with the forest environment, but you have to:- 

1. Define the city that you are building

2. Consider site access 

3. Think about resources 

4. Understand the complexity of people being together 

Define the city that you are building 

Define the city you want to build. 

If a city to you is a place with 5000 people living together, think about a camping site with 5000 participants and how does it work? 

Perhaps thinking about camping is a good way to begin to learn the forest with the least impact on it

If a city to you is a concrete manifestation in the form of a place, buildings, roads, and transportation, you need to consider the way of maintaining the original forest condition while building and operating the buildings. 

Consider site access 

Forest has no defined trail. 

In order to build a structure in the middle of the forest, you need to find human access and I believe then, machinery access for your construction plants.

You can start building from the edge where the forest begins.

Think about resources 

When 5000 people camping on a piece of forest land, how do they survive? 

You need a trail to get water, food supply, eventually a shelter and repeat. 

Understand the complexity of people being together 

Your definition of a city, after all, will not be the same definition as his or my definition of a city. 

In the end, everyone has their own definition of a city. 

One wants to build a mall, the other wants an office tower and a factory plant. 

You might want to preserve a tree in front of your shelter but your neighbor wants to have it cut. 

As a conclusion, it is harder than we can imagine bringing a city into a forest. 

Bring a forest into a city instead! 

Imagine 10 years after each one of the 5000 households plants a raintree in front of their house instead of planting their ego out of a high wall, expensive Porsche, and a big porch.