Kids Room

Our perception is different from the perception of kids. 

Even if they are close, the way we reach and react towards spaces around us is entirely different than theirs. 

So, what are the interior design ideas for kids room? Let’s go back to our childhood memories. 

When I was a kid, I love lingering around the spacious balcony with a dirty floor that my family hardly stepped out just to rummage piles and piles of unwanted books, toys and to observe the street life through balusters. 

I occasionally hide inside the wardrobe, under the king bed and underneath the “Castle” that I built using stacked-up sofa cushions. 

I run from the living room to the kitchen, to the outdoor car porch back and forth. 

I went from the door of one room to another including the shared toilet with two doors to get into another space just for fun. 

I left my army (an army holding a binocular) on top of the TV after my toy-playing session and I jump and try to touch the soffit of the archway each time I passed the kitchen. 

My room is nothing but only a bedroom for sleeping and waking up. 

So, today, if I were to design a kid’s room, I would base on these principles:- 

1. kid’s “room” can be everywhere 

2. build unexpected connections between spaces 

3. create levels 

4. create journeys 

5. spaces for lots of toys 

6. spaces for lots of books in a variety 

7. hidden spaces 

8. unorganized kids playing area 

9. window with a view towards the outside of the house

Above all, good lighting and ventilated space for good health.