Art or Technology?

Which subject is more important in architecture, art or design tech?

Art is a means to an end, a bridge between the audience and a subject. 

Architecture is an end in itself, an effect in a space that you can be part of. 

Technology is the way of doing things. 

If you consider the making of an architecture (designing), the way of doing things (design technology) can affect the process of the design. 

In every way of designing, there is art within the process that bridge methods and subjects. 

In every technology lies an art of it within itself, and within the art, it relies on the way things are being made. 

If you consider architecture as in space, place or a building, it is the art of the construction that makes an architecture (bridging human and human, human and space, space and place, place and place) while technology governs the way of experiencing a place. 

As each subject intertwines with one another, being a subset of one another, the comparison of which subject is more important than the other is not reasonable and perhaps impossible.