Built to Wear

The reason that we do not build a wooden house that lasts as long as a durable masonry castle is that we simply don’t overbuild (built to wear as opposed to built to last). 

The second reason being we build houses according to context

Context - physical environment, culture, climate, economic (particularly financial ability), and the other subject matter that is related to the house owner. 

We do not live that “long”, so why do we need to overbuild our house to last for a century that we don’t need, that we will not able to live in, and will not able to control over the use of it? 

On a side note, progression is always characterized by change. 

Even if you would build your house to last that long, you cannot ensure that there will be no changes for the house from one generation after another. 

Let alone the other tenant who buy your house later and bulldoze it back into flat land and start building their concrete and glass box on top of the land.