Decorative Grid Window

Anything that is said to be trendy today is going to go out-of-date tomorrow. 

The idea of style is a conception that is influenced by the relationship between the individual opinion and the public opinion, especially the internet in our internet age

The significance that should determine your window selection should not be mere style but the experiential effect and its function combined. 

Although visual appearance of a window does help in manipulating our idea of experiencing spaces, there is no point to judge if a window design is outdated or not and not the relevance from your own point of view in terms of your culture, meaning, memories, and the way you feel about the design. 

A simple response of “your window design is outdated, and these right here are the modern window designs” from a salesperson will not help you design a better building

A decorative grid window in metal is designed for a reason: to give you better security and a decorative motif that has a meaning that you can associate with. 

Otherwise, what we commonly do when we have a “modern open window” in our house for security purposes? We put a boring metal box grid behind it.