LAM Part I

"Is it enough to have a LAM part 1 degree in architecture to find a job in an architecture firm in Malaysia?"

Technically, yes, you will be able to get a job in an architecture firm with a LAM Part 1 or equivalent degree in Malaysia, but it may not give you enough advantage in the long run. 

Consider what you will not be able to achieve when you decided to work with only a LAM part 1 degree for the rest of your career:- 

*not able to set up an architecture practice in Malaysia (sole proprietorship or partnership) 

*to carry out architectural consultancy service on your own 

*not able to become an architect who designs, supervises and certifies a building completion 

*not legally protected by the laws and regulation on the matter pertaining to architecture and the building construction industry 

In a complete study of architecture in Malaysia (usually 5 years in total for part I and part II), we learn subjects made compulsory such as architectural design, research, structure, building services, building technology, building laws and regulation, construction, research writing, history of architecture, the theory of architecture, urban planning and design, and computer-aided design software, plus two years of work experience and a lot of studies in the way of addressing a question in the field, building laws and regulation before taking a LAM part 3 examination to become an architect. 

In most of the time, you need to learn architecture on your own by designing, thinking, observing life, doing research, read, get involved in the process of building construction on your own, and the learning process is life-long. 

You do not want to get tangled up in an architecture firm in Malaysia working for extra long hours helping out with a design rendering or a model-making for the rest of your life. 

By that time, you may get a little work experience but you will miss a lot of your time and opportunity doing production for other people instead of thinking and doing what an architect supposed to do. 

Think and set long term goal before you decide. 

On a side note, your wages will not be determined proportionally by your qualification, but it will highly depend on your potential and your ability to perform. 

If you are a well-experienced designer (experience is additionals), creative, optimistic, willing to learn, and have a good attitude, I don’t find a reason that any architect firm who wants to hire do not ask you to join them. 

But again, you have to always consider your short term and long term goals.