Only You Know

On phenomenology in Architecture.

It is important architecture relates to the aspects of self-consciousness and meaning of place. 

Realizing the subjectivity in the experience of space in architecture is as important as being informed of the Euclidean geometrical objectivity. 

Try to imagine this:- 

*When was the last time you have your feet stepped on the stones bare-footed? 

*Think of the smell of the park that you last visited. 

*Imagine a tangible feeling and your emotional feeling when you last sit on a tree log on the beach. 

*Imagine a different doorknob that you will need to hold and turn before you get into a building. 

The answer to all the questions gives general objectivity: Only you know (subjectivity that I can’t simply predict). 

Same as a poem, this is the poetry where its objectivity relies on human’s subjective point of view, their emotional feeling, history (memory), culture, and consciousness which varies from one another that becomes an important idea in architecture that we can learn about.