Is there absoluteness in design?

There is. And we will uncover it at the end of the post.

Often, too many things that we think that we can relate to, we think that we were right no matter in design or a decision in life.

What's worse, we are unconscious about the things that are related to the things that we are doing.

Absoluteness in design means a design that has no relation with other thing but one or more specific things only.

For example, an apartment with a balcony that is absolutely right for a smoker (or one who enjoys outdoor living) but wrong for those who do not want a balcony space but larger interior spaces.

A large apartment without a balcony, absolutely acceptable for the one who only wants an air-conditioned large living space when the whole idea of living detach from other things but his knowledge, assumption, and preference.

When examined from another perspective, he failed to live what he dislike suggests - outdoor living with better air quality, and the relationship between indoor and outdoor environment (on biophilia and existentialism).

Back to design and absoluteness, would you create a design that solves one problem, just so you could ignore all other ten new problems that it can at the same time create?

Would you allow a solution that hides all other unconscious ten problems?

Can your design embrace problems?

Is your design absoluteness-orientated?

If it is, in the practice, absolutely wrong.