Corner Lot

Building a house on a corner lot means you have site perimeter that is not abutting to other plot of land but the access road, your land is usually bigger than the intermediate land, you have more views out, more direct exposure (fenestration: door, window) to the outdoor environment in terms of air quality, daylight, sunlight, and wind. 

If you are able to turn these characteristics into advantages for your house design, why not? 

(Read more about corner house design here: I designed a 3000 sqft corner bungalow lot for a client with a limited budget - the idea makes the house “feels” spacious by having a huge internal courtyard that can even fit a standard size badminton court.) 

(Design process: The design process of Jinjang courtyard house)

However, more exposure to the outdoor environment means higher visibility, lower sense of privacy (in general), more dust, more noise exposure, and more walls in general. 

The visibility from the street level, privacy violation, dust, noise can be reduced by having smaller and lesser windows than usual on the house outer walls.