Have you ever seen a male and female toilet signs that are difficult to read in order to distinguish them?

I stopped for a few seconds when I stumbled the male toilet figure (wearing a big hat with a shirt that looks like a blouse) just to make sure I do not end up entering an embarrassing situation.

Difficult of reading can halt, it can make you feel curious.

It is different from things that cannot be read.

A sign that ends up cannot be read can lead to a total disconnection after a first visual engagement.

Difficult of reading also consists of defamiliarizing a familiar thing from our culture and our past experience. 

A signage design can stop you, makes you wonder, makes you think or even makes you relax.

Design can make differences.

Picture the three differences: Imagine the effects of ignoring a male, female toilet sign that cannot be totally understood, encountering a male, female toilet sign which is already familiar, and one which is fun to watch for a while before entering the toilet.