Is an architect delusional? 

Most of them seem are, but in actual fact, “many” of them are when they think and behave like “most” of the layman (one who is not, and do not practice as an architect) who do not understand the world in substance, do not question about truth in their everyday engagement with people, matter and things, and simply do not exercise thinking well enough.

However, in order to become a great architect, you can’t be delusional. 

And you will only find a few of them that usually share the trait of being wise (some describe it as creative, and critical in thinking). 

To be able to conceive things of reality and form opinion take years of realization and practice. 

Just because someone who can think deeply different does not make him any stranger than an ordinary person. 

Defying an idea that is commonly accepted does not make you immediately foolish. 

Just like an idea that is commonly accepted at the beginning does not immediately imply truth at the end. 

A delusional individual is one who contradicts reality, and usually, a great architect would love to find the reality even though that might seem to contradict the common knowledge of the public. 

If questioning reality makes one delusional, what do we call those that don’t?