Brew and Co - An Architecture of  Found Spaces and Chance Meeting

Brew and Co is a cafe converted from a previous Japanese restaurant that features a large 6000 sqft area broken down into a series of smaller enclosures with randomized partitions, additional pillars, and bookshelves. It is defined as a place for the nearby community to meet, hang out, know each other, and coexist. The additional features like the partitions, the pillars, were complemented with series of wall lamps that differ from one another, suggest an architecture that encourages the choice of seating, the chance of meeting, people-watching of both the known and the unknown people in the cafe which is viewed as one important aspect of not only the public-private lives, but particularly the value of social interaction and community-building that justify the purpose of the cafe.

(Read the early-stage proposal here:

Read the early-stage proposal here: