Urban ZenScape

Can you combine retreat, meditation, sleeping, living, reading, lounging, and green areas?

In this apartment, we envisaged a “zen-scape”(zen + landscape) architecture - a multi-purpose area that can allow its user to creatively engage with gathering, other potential activities with ceiling-to-floor daylight exposure and greenery.

A living room and a bedroom in an apartment are more than places of shelter, but a place for the individual user to live and carry out their everyday endeavor for the betterment of their family and the society in a bigger context

When the authority, especially the developer starts to impose much mass-housing uniformity, rigidity in architectural spaces, the creativity and the motivation of the society starts to decrease. In line with the definition of a home created by our ancestors, a home is always a place where the user builds around their culture and creativity. 

The damage is done. Here, we only can insist that the spaces of an apartment, in this case, even the living room and the bedroom of an 850 sqft, 1-bedroom apartment to have creative, non-singular usage spaces that can continue to encourage the user to make a decision, change, think, and use the spaces with joy.

(Read more about The Thinking Dwelling project here.)


 The bedroom design

 The conventional interior design by the developer or the previous building interior designer

 Proposed design

 Proposed design

Property name: Ekocheras Residence
Location: Cheras, Selangor, Malaysia