What is a Unique Design?

What is a Unique Design?

What is unique in design?

Unique is defined as one of its kind like no others.

Being like no others doesn't necessarily mean trying to stand out to be different. 

When a design is being created based on the improvement to an older version that people hasn't seen before, it is said to become one of its kind like no others, until another newer improved version is being created. 

Unique design simply means an improved version of an already better product or design. 

Uniqueness means the quality of being improved. An improvement of the already existed design.

What happens when a design is not unique? The design becomes a copy of the already existed design. Nothing is improved. 

We do not need a designer in this case. All we need is copying machine.

There are cases where improvement by design is not needed:

1. When people settled for the mediocre or unimproved conditions of life.

2. When things don't improve is benefiting someone

This happened when a designer is hired to do, if not, hired but do things that do not improve anything at all. The service is said to be redundant, and their commission is a form of gain from the expense of others.

They are serving the people not knowing that their service is not needed. 

The effect is almost hidden

If people are constantly blinded by designs that do no improvement but pay to someone who gain from the harm, you can almost imagine the cycle of the asymmetry creating a useless society.  

An improvement that is said to do more harm than good is not an improvement if the nett-off advantages are negative.

Improve something today.

Your idea being unique is not trying to merely provoke, it is an act of improving the things one small design at a time.