4 Books that can help you get over the lockdown period and the Coronavirus pandemic

4 Books that can help you get over the lockdown period and the Coronavirus pandemic

Tao Te Ching
Lao Tzu translated by Stephen Mitchell

A mysterious piece of the seemingly paradoxical advice that can move you into questioning life. Unlike certain books that you may already agree upon what is being written when read, Tao Te Ching challenges your contemporary unsettled thoughts into a calm simplicity. 

The philosophy of life, and the way the thing is. Other than the mental accounting of the everyday approach of things, Lao Tzu’s repetitive emphasis on the duality in life makes you see disaster and godsend exist in vagueness, the existence of the good and the bad is essential. 

“Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know.” - Lao Tzu

By delving deep into the duality in life, one cannot live or communicate without the ever paradoxical aspect of things in life. Lao Tzu chose to signal these messages in the very essence of metaphor. 

Robert Greene

The world greatest, riches, smartest, most influential people were born with great luck, surrounded by people of opportunities, and have the greatest chance of doing what they love. This statement is proven to be a pseudo excuse in the book Mastery from the great life in the form of a short story of people ranging from Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Grandin Temple, to Santiago Calatrava. 

The insight of the book calls you into listening to your inner voice, look into your childhood signals of interest, and delve onto your life path. By channeling your inner-self, the process of going through egoless apprenticeship puts you out of your naivete and in the cold truth of the industry. 

In the end, you learn to actively try things on your own after gathering all the knowledge, experience, and information observed. You find balance in your intuition and the practical part of your work. Everyone can become a master. 

Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder
Nassim Nicholas Taleb

What grows under stress? When you label a box with antifragile instead of fragile, it means you encourage stress to be imposed on the box in order for it to gain. 

If The white swan is the everyday positively gain event that is within prediction, The black swan is the incident that happens in every impossible way of forecasting, that the event can only let human response to it after it happens. The grey swan gets the small benefit from the white swan scenario, and it gets the most out of the black swan incident.

With a shock to the system, like bodybuilding, we can counterintuitively grow in some ways that we do not even noticed in the business, economy, restaurant chain, health, and our everyday life. Antifragility opens up the model of thought in resolving the society as not an individual, and not a series of separated individuals, but a collective whole. And most importantly, a way to deal with uncertainty. 

My Life and Work
Henry Ford

A definition of business with a very detail life story as they were vividly told by Henry Ford, published since 1922, practiced since 1891. 

Ford's philanthropic approach to business are generously shared in the book. From why cutting wage for more profit is bad, to how decentralization can promise the nation land of shelter and food for their family, from the book, Ford meticulously explores the component details of every economical related aspect of the industry, including the wealth of the nation and the health of the people.